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Going Deeper Bauer
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Men and Women Any Age

In our life's battles, events can occur that wound a person physically, mentally, and spiritually. Some of those wounds heal faster than others.  Some of them we bring home with us and they affect our loved ones-the, very people we want to protect.

The movie WE ARE STRONGER shows one warrior's struggle with his wounds and how he found healing.  You do not have to be a combat soldier, a 1st Responder to experience the effects of post-traumatic stress, shame, guilt or isolation.

This companion book to the movie is a 6-week study that can help you better understand the effects of trauma, and take you deeper into the process God has created to bring you strength, stability, resourcefulness, and purpose.

"A man's soul is worth fighting for"

Fort Worth Tribe
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HimDependent Living

Men and Women Saturdays
3rd Saturday of Every Month Fort Worth Area leaders of Stronger Alliance groups meet to plan, share stories, activities, events, advice, strategize next steps for bringing hope and healing to our community, smooth transitions of members between groups, and more! This is a group with military veteran and first responder focus but may expand its reach to a wider range of ministry to those who suffer with PTSD.
Going Deeper - Zervakos
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HimDependent Living

Men and Women

This facilitator interest group meets on Mondays at 5pm (CST). You will have the opportunity to go through the curriculum as a participant and practice facilitator skills.